Mind Your X’s and Y’s

Today’s 18-40-year-olds make for a notoriously elusive group of consumers: they’re savvy, sophisticated, and particular. They’re all but immune to traditional advertising and have an instinctive sense of quality and fair pricing. Inundated with choices, they are drawn to brands that satisfy not just what they need, but what they crave. At the same time, these consumers are spending money like it’s going out of style. Generation X has firmly refuted its slacker reputation and is nearing the height of its earning potential. Generation Y has more buying power than any previous generation of teens and 20-somethings. But how to win their attention and loyalty?

Based on groundbreaking research, this book pinpoints the new rules of engagement for the connected generation and delves deep into established and breakaway brands to identify ten core cravings – for adventure, high-concept design, new families and social networks, and personal storytelling, among others – at the heart of the Gen X and Y psyche.

Packed with fascinating case studies from every major industry, revealing statistics, and interviews with dozens of maverick thinkers and hundreds of consumers, this revolutionary book analyzes the scope of each craving, how it drives specific buying behaviors, and offers relevant data that illustrate its impact. Mind Your X’s and Y’s equips anyone who wants to reach these consumers – brand managers and their advertising, online, creative, packaging, events, and promotions teams; small business owners and their marketing staff; advertising agencies and specialists – with the know-how to transform market research into profitable strategies.

Members of Generations X and Y are the most coveted and hard to reach consumers in the marketplace. Mind Your X’s and Y’s is a master class in how to create compelling brands for this Connected Generation.

By Lisa Johnson and Cheri Hanson

- PUBLISHED ON 10 Jul 2008 IN Books