Earn What You’re Worth

Earn What You’re Worth shows working women how to up their earning power — by using their unique skills and abilities to build a rewarding, lucrative career.

Readers will learn to:

- Tell the difference between going into debt and investing in their careers
- Sell themselves at work — without selling their souls
- Discover their individual gifts and talents — and use them to get a raise
- Value what’s most important to them and dump bad financial habits
- Decide what they really want out of their careers — and get it

Once women get over their fears of dealing with cold, hard cash, they’ll have the confidence to ask for — and get — what they deserve. Crammed with useful information, uncommon advice, inspiring stories, and insider secrets to success, Earn What You’re Worth will motivate women to invest in the most important stock of all… themselves.

By Nicole Williams with Cheri Hanson

- PUBLISHED ON 10 Jul 2008 IN Books