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Create awesome content

Create Awesome Content is a straightforward guide to engaging your audience. You’ll learn how to develop a simple content strategy, write brilliant copy, and how to work with a writer or content creator if you start sweating whenever you face the blank page (no judgment).

I wrote this book to demystify all the stuff that trips up smart people – from online storytelling to the difference between active and passive voice. In today’s noisy world, everyone needs awesome content in order to stand out from the crowd. This book collects all my best advice into a practical and fast-paced digital package.




Mind Your X’s and Y’s

by Lisa Johnson and Cheri Hanson

Today’s 18-40-year-olds make for a notoriously elusive group of consumers: they’re savvy, sophisticated, and particular. They’re all but immune to traditional advertising and have an instinctive sense of quality and fair pricing. Inundated with choices, they are drawn to brands that satisfy not just what they need, but what they crave. At the same time, these consumers are spending money like it’s going out of style. Generation X has firmly refuted its slacker reputation and is nearing the height of its earning potential. Generation Y has more buying power than any previous generation of teens and 20-somethings. But how to win their attention and loyalty?

Wildly Sophisticated

By Nicole Williams (and Cheri Hanson)

Wildly Sophisticated is an attitude; a way of tackling the world of work with grace, style, energy, and a determination to succeed.

Combining the companionship of a friend with the career smarts of a mentor who’s been there and done that, Wildly Sophisticated provides insight, strategies, and tools for defining yourself, expressing yourself, leveraging the power of attitude, taking risks, overcoming isolation, living with imbalance, and more. With a contemporary approach that is both edgy and fun, this unique career guide is the only book to directly target the 20 million North American women between the ages of 18 and 29, making it the go-to source for young working women who want it all.


Earn What You’re Worth

by Nicole Williams with Cheri Hanson

Earn What You’re Worth shows working women how to up their earning power — by using their unique skills and abilities to build a rewarding, lucrative career.