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First time lucky

Vancouver author Anakana Schofield is a study in contradictions. She claims to have spent the last 10 years “locked away” in a tiny apartment on the city’s west side, painstakingly crafting her debut novel, Malarky (Biblioasis). Yet since emigrating from Dublin to Vancouver in 1998, Schofield has confronted her new home with the enthusiasm of an ethnographer – diving headlong into the local art and poetry scenes, and exploring the city’s geography, its labour history, and, especially, the social-realist writing that flourished here in the 1960s and ’70s.

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An artist’s growing menagerie

There are few things Ashley Spires treasures more than her comfortable, predictable daily routine. That’s why a 2009 move from Vancouver to Saskatoon temporarily knocked the award-winning children’s author and illustrator off kilter – and inspired her new picture book, Larf (Kids Can Press), featuring a seven-foot-tall vegetarian sasquatch who uproots his quiet forest life with a fateful trip to the city.

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Polar Perspectives

It’s not easy being Canada’s northernmost publisher. But for Nunavut’s Inhabit Media, which has its head office in Iqaluit, doing business above the 60th parallel has proven a winning proposition.

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The Kids are Alright

While many independent booksellers have succumbed to the power of national chains, big-box outlets and online emporiums, local children’s book retailers have found their own path toward success.

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Happy hours are here to stay

Take a break from the economic bloodletting and visit Portland, Ore., for the best happy hour on the continent. Every weekday afternoon, Portlanders sip cheap cocktails and dig into ridiculously low-priced, well-crafted food. It’s the perfect way to sample gourmet dishes from some of the area’s top chefs and seriously thrifty prices.

From The Globe and Mail

12 to Watch

What does it take to stand out in the book business? Talent and hard work, of course. Not to mention professionalism, creativity, and a certain community-mindedness. Plus an ability to see the industry from different angles, understanding the needs of various players at the table.

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More CanCon? More or less

It was supposed to be a major step forward. Last summer, the B.C. Ministry of Education passed a new curriculum requirement mandating all Grade 8 to 12 language-arts courses to include at least one “significant” (i.e., full-length) Canadian text.

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E-books go to college

Electronic textbooks may soon get a big boost in Canada. A U.S.-based online marketplace for digital college textbooks is setting its sights on Canadian students, faculty, and booksellers as it aims to become the iTunes of e-text sales.

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The Art of the Deal

Succession planning is a hot topic in book circles these days. Linger at a publishing cocktail party and you’ll hear plenty of whispering about rumoured deals and retirement goals.

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Habits of a highly effective writer

Many writers are disciplined, with regimented schedules and 1,000-words-before-coffee rules, but Timothy Taylor is a special case.

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