Cheri works to understand our clients’ businesses and craft the right copy for the job. Her work is beautiful, effective and dynamic. Working with Cheri makes us look good and our projects successful.

Andrew Simpson, The Still Brandworks


I started working with Cheri over nine years ago at ACL Services, when I hired her as a contract writer and editor. Her ability to take complex technical information and make it into clear and engaging copy made her stand out from other writers in the field. Her professional attitude and ability to adapt to changing business demands meant I could count on her in any situation. Cheri’s outstanding work on behalf of ACL continues to speak for itself.

Beth Hardy, Farris (formerly ACL Services)



Cheri Hanson was my first and only choice to edit my latest book project. She is a pleasure to work with and has a brilliant, meticulous mind for the English language. I’ve now worked with Cheri on everything from book editing to original website copywriting, and she succeeds at every project with clarity, vision and dependability.

Paul Jarvis, &


Cheri Hanson is a delight to work with. She works proactively, productively and professionally with agency project managers or directly with client content providers alike. Her writing range – which spans easily from technical to promotional and back again – makes her a really versatile fit for my project needs. She meets every deadline and consistently exceeds client expectations, so the projects she’s involved in always flow smoothly and easily. I would recommend Cheri without reservation.

Laura Cox, Cox Marketing Group, Inc.



Cheri Hanson is a gifted writer, and working with her has been a game-changer for my business. Through phone interviews and creative collaboration, she helped me get my ideas out of my head and into newsletters, web copy, training curriculum and even a NYC-published book. Cheri combines a journalist’s curiosity and nose for research with a seasoned writer’s ability to use word pictures and delicious language to bring a topic to life.

Lisa Johnson, The Grapevine Group