Reach Group Consulting

Reach Group is a boutique consultancy that provides fresh insights and clear thinking about the Connected Generation, a powerful, technology-fluent group of change agents that are connected to their social and professional networks around the clock. With unusual insight into the modern marketplace, Reach Group helps top brands and a growing community of free agents across the globe to navigate the future.

Cheri co-founded Reach Group in 2005 with her business partners, Lisa Johnson and Cassie Pruett. Lisa and Cheri later released their groundbreaking book about Generations X and Y, entitled Mind Your X’s and Y’s (Simon & Schuster, 2006).

Reach Group has worked with some terrific people and companies including Nike, Microsoft,
Starbucks, Disney, Kohler, Motorola, Giant Bicycles, Seattle Times, Meredith Corporation,
Mercedes, and Church & Dwight.

Our latest project is the Free Agent Formula — a multi-media kit for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, consultants, designers and free agents of every kind. As we were researching our last book, Mind Your X’s and Y’s, we found a fascinating new code for free agents and boiled it down into six clear, highly customized steps.

The Free Agent Formula guides you through six decisions that will help you create a more profitable, satisfying career — whether you’re still in the starting blocks or you’ve got years of experience under your belt. We road-tested this program at a series of free agent boot camps, and the results have been dramatic. The Free Agent Formula is simple and it works.

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